Process Servers Specializing in Service of Process and Delivering Courtesy Copies anywhere in the Nation. Guaranteeing Services for Twenty Five Years

We are Process Servers Who Expedite Service of Process. Our Process Serving Services can be used for serving all types of lawsuits, subpoena's and writs. We also Deliver Courtesy Copies To Courthouses, Attorney's, Clerks and Judges.

This Process Serving services website is managed by A.C.E. Inc. We are well known Process Servers and the nations most stable and reliable attorney and legal support services vendor since 1997. Here at the A.C.E. process server company we pride ourselves on the fact that we are also a courtesy copy delivery service and have been providing law offices, attorneys, paralegal and law offices with dedicated and successful services you too can count on.

Since our inception, we have been managed by the same family and office team members specializing in on time service of process and document delivery services. Many of our employees and contractors have been with us more than 15 years with a combined knowledge base that exceeds 190 years. There are very few, if any, situations involving the courts, attorney's, judges, clerks, witnesses, defendants, locating difficult to find people and investigation matters that we have not been involved with. So, experience, knowledge and understanding your needs is our priority and handling your request in a timely manner is guaranteed.

Our Process Servers perform courtesy copy document delivery services to anyone and just about anywhere. Though most of our courtesy copy court document deliveries are generally addressed to judges, attorney's, clients, courthouses and law firms, we also provide services to government offices, real estate offices, sheriff sales, finance companies, corporate offices, residents and public places. When you need a copy of your important documents delivered where you need us to deliver the courtesy copy of your documents and your required deadline for the delivery of same. We are available to assist you every day, seven days a week except for some holidays.

Process Servers are Courtesy Copy Delivery Expeditors Who Understand the Urgency Of Time Sensitive Deadlines.

Our Process Servers Have Been Serving and Delivering Documents To Courthouses and to Important Recipients for twenty-five years. Below are the most popular types of courtesy copies delivery and service of process services:

Affidavits; Affidavits – Attorney Fees, Military, Loss Mitigation; Agreements; Appearances and Answers; Approval notices; Assignment, merger/successor documents (if any); Bailiff; Certificate of Sale; Certificate of Service; Certified documents; Complaint, including exhibits; Consent Order; Consents to jurisdiction; Continuance Order; Copy of electronically filed documents; Default Orders; Discovery; Dismissals; Documents filed in open court: Emergency filings; Ex Parte Application; Financial disclosure statement; Hold Notice; Immigration documents; Judges Letters; Judgment of Foreclosure; Judgments; Judicial Assistants Letters; Mortgage Foreclosures; Motion for Judgment (Default or Summary); Motion to Approve Sale; Motions; Notice of Change of Counsel; Notice of Hearing; Notice of Motion; Notice of Sale; Notice of Settlement; Notice of Withdrawal; Opposing Counsel; Order Approving Sale; Pleadings; Proof of Mailing Notice of Sale; Proof of service; Proposed Orders; Publications for Sale; Receipt of Sale; Redacted documents; Reply to Summary Judgment; Report of Sale; Request for Dismissal; Response to Summary Judgment; Service Affidavits, with affidavits for publication; Service of Process Documents; Settlement agreements; Sheriff Sale Notifications and Offerings; Special Hearings; Stipulation and Order; Stipulations; Waivers; Writs. We even deliver demand notices, evictions and notifications!

The most popular requested service is delivering one courtesy paper copy of all filed documents requiring court review, action, or signature directly to the assigned Judge's chambers or official delivery location. These courtesy copies are usually delivered to the court the day of or following electronic filing, except all papers related to motions brought on shortened time are typically delivered to the Judge's chambers as early as practicable but at least before the time set for hearing.

Another frequently requested courtesy copy delivery service involves probate trust and surrogate cases. Courtesy document copies for the probate and surrogate departments are usually endorsed / filed, copies usually include the hearing date in the caption of the document and are directed to the attention of specific staff member to the extent known, i.e., Director, Assistant Director, Trustee, Executor, Assigned Examiner, or assigned Investigator.

Are Courtesy Copy Documents Delivered By Process Servers Considered Served Documents?

No. Courtesy document copies are delivered just as a courtesy and the court or any receiving party (unless agreed to in advance) does not consider these as served documents. If you are seeking formal service of process, no worries! We will have our process server “serve” the documents and provide you with an official Affidavit / Proof of Service upon completion of the service. If you are seeking a simple delivery, It is the courts preference that all courtesy copies for the judge be personally delivered to the Court Administrator, Bailiff or official mailbox. If time does not permit personal delivery, the filing party should contact the Judicial Assistant, especially with Default Orders, Decrees or Judgments. If an order, decree or judgment has been entered by default, it is widely practiced and standard procedure to have the prevailing party or the attorney representing the prevailing party to immediately deliver a conformed copy of the original order, decree or judgment, including the date the original was entered by the court, to the opponent or opponent's attorney at his or her last known address.

Are There Penalties Or Potential Issues For Not Delivering A Courtesy Copy?

Yes. Process Servers have been involved with clients who impose or seek to impose a sanction(s) for the failure to serve and or deliver a courtesy copy in a timely manner.

Why both the courtesy copy and the e-filed document?

When your hearing date is near, or an emergency filing is time sensitive, the courts want to be sure your paperwork is easily accessible and moved to the "front of the line.” An e-filed document may not get routed to the right department or person or Judge in time for the hearing or execution, so the courtesy copy can ensure the matter you are addressing is reviewed by the judge or whom you addressed your courtesy copy to. Also, while the e-filed documents allow the information to be easily searched for key points, viewed on a hand held devices, computers, tablets, etc. and saved in a central location, a paper courtesy copy gives the judge or subject person a way to peruse relevant data, both before and during the hearing, in a format that is likely more familiar to him or her Always find out if your local court requires courtesy copies and when, as well as what rules you need to follow for your document to be accepted before your retain us. Please be aware, as courts, agencies, corporations and law firms become accustomed to filing and receiving documents electronically, requirements relating to the delivery of courtesy copies and may change or require specific requirements.

Where Do Your Process Servers Deliver Courtesy Copy Court Documents?

Just about everywhere! Typically, courtesy copies are delivered to federal and state courthouses, courtrooms, government agencies, law firms, formal business offices and even residential locations. We will deliver your courtesy copy wherever we must, regardless of the time of day or night.

Why Use Our Process Servers to Deliver your Courtesy Copy Documents?

Why Not? Our Process Servers specialize in assisting Attorneys, Paralegal Professionals and Law Offices with delivering courtesy copies in person. Our process serving services are trackable via real time reporting and are handled responsibly and delivered on time. We have been in business for many years and basically have been in and us of most courthouses and government buildings. In addition, our agents are local and know the roads and landscape of most addresses. Why not hire the best and most experienced people to handle and deliver your time sensitive documents? If peace of mind is one of the most important things to you, do not hesitate to connect with us.

Three main reasons why you should deliver courtesy copy documents to a Judge, Attorney, Clerk or Judicial Assistant

1. Judicial departments handle many cases, they have limited paper budgets, court staff and Judicial Assistant has limited time to prepare for multiple cases and if courtesy copies are not provided the law clerks would spend all their time making copies.
2. Courtesy copies should be well organized preferably with an index page / table of contents and exhibits so select pages of interest are easy to find quickly, especially in court.
3. Another commonly known reason to deliver a courtesy copy is, many Judges and JA’s have been known to notice vacating your case if you do not.

A.C.E. Inc. Process Servers, for twenty-five years, delivered and served important documents and courtesy copies without fail, on time, every time. We are known for reliable messengers, deliveries and our follow ups. Our messenger document delivery services are steadfast and truly handled with care. We assure the timely delivery of your paperwork to a person or place of your choice, guaranteed and confirmed real time by text or email notification. Our delivery agents travel throughout the state and are ready and capable of delivering your courtesy copy the same day of your request provided you confirm your service before 11:00 am. Send us your documents and we will print them out, place them in an envelope and deliver your courtesy copy as quickly as possible.

To arrange to have a Process Server deliver your subpoena, summons, citation, order, writ and or courtesy copy please contact us by email. We provide free quotes and information. To start, please tell us about your needs, when, who and where we are delivering your courtesy copies to and your deadline.